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MariaDB Backup & Recovery Simplified

UpBack! Crafted to simplify your MariaDB backup and Recovery, our platform gives you the tools to effortlessly safeguard your data.

Backup MariaDB with Upback! 

UpBack! provides an innovative way to seamlessly backup and restore your MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL databases. Embrace the simplicity of safeguarding your data with a system designed for efficiency and ease of use. 


Setup in a couple of Clicks

Advantage 1
Pick your OS
We support a range of Operating Systems, pick yours from the list and you are on the way!
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Enable Containers:
We are fully integrated with Docker, so just add your details and your good to go.
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Advantage 3
Add New Server:
Adding a new server is a breeze with UpBack!, simply copy paste a single line of code and you are nearly all set
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Database details:
Pick from our list of supported databases, enter your details and you are all set!
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Key Advantages

Experience UpBack!: The ultimate, user-friendly backup solution with cutting-edge security, unparalleled efficiency, and unbeatable value.  

Multi-Layered Defense

UpBack!s unparalleled approach to architecture is the cornerstone of our platform and sets us apart from the competition. UpBack is designed in such a way that we no one outside your team will ever see your data, even us! Secure your data and peace of mind with UpBack!


Frequently asked Questions 

Find answers to some of the most common questions from our community