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Meet UpBack!

UpBack! Is made up of a team of developers and Industry experts within the data sector. We have worked tirelessly for years to bring secure, efficient solutions for modern databases to market and are here to help you scale and protect your database environments and operations with ease.
Our Team

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind UpBack! We are here to help and with decades of experience in building future proof solutions for you!

Leadership Team

Guido Dolci


Serial entrepreneur, with a passion for technology and cyber security, specialised in cloud software and infrastructure project management.


Barys Kuzevanau

Product Owner

Entrepreneur with a passion for IT and software development. Specialised in Backend development, and software project management.

Product Development Team

Adrian Kenny

Head of marketing


Ivan Kuzavkov



Yuriy Bayteryakov

DevOps engineer


Rabadan Akagasanov

Lead backend developer


The War in Ukraine

The ongoing and devastating situation due to the conflict in Ukraine has had an overwhelming effect on the way we conduct our business. In response, we've redirected our focus and decided to halt all services to Russian companies, as well as taking steps to relocate our staff out of Russia, to signal our support. The harsh reality faced by our colleagues in Ukraine, living under the shadow of conflict, along with the challenges encountered by some in Russia, has prompted our actions. We are actively recruiting incredibly competent developers and staff from Ukraine and as a company, we stand in solidarity with their struggle for peace and wish them a speedy victory.

The UpBack! Story

The UpBack! Way

Development Began

November 2020

Embarked on our ambitious journey to redefine data management, laying the foundation for future innovations 

First Test Release

June 2023

Marked a significant milestone by unveiling the first test release, demonstrating our capability to transform ideas into tangible solutions.

UpBack! Cloud Incorporated

October 2023

UpBack! Cloud was officially incorporated to deliver cutting-edge Backup and Recovery solutions, setting new standards for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

Ready For Production

January 2024

In January 2024, we hit a major milestone by announcing our production readiness.We're now set to launch our Backup and Recovery solutions worldwide. This big step reflects our dedication to quality and innovation, making data protection easier and more reliable for everyone.

Why UpBack!

Why Choose UpBack!

At UpBack! We are at the coalface of the Database industry and are constantly striving to innovate and enable our users to navigate their Database backup and recovery effortlessly and securely every time!


Intuitive user Dashboards

UpBack! Was designed with the user in mind. Our Systems and dashboards are made for users of all technical ability to Manage their database backup and restore tasks with ease.


Always Encrypted Data

UpBack! emphasises security and collaboration, offering always-encrypted processes for all accounts. Our design prevents open ports, shielding data from external threats, ensuring integrity without hindering teamwork


Set and forget

Our Automated Backups are designed for effortless database protection. Once configured, it runs in the background, automatically securing your data without requiring further intervention.

We're Hiring

UpBack! Is expanding and we are looking or likeminded people to join our team for a number of roles. Get in touch today and join the UpBack! Revolution.

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